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“Piano au Suivant”

The Piano au Suivant program is set up to help reduce the number of pianos that end up each year in an Ecocentre to end its days. Piano au Suivant collects the pianos to give, always in good condition according to the donors, and offers them to families who are looking for a piano at a good price. Only the transport costs will be charged.

Piano au Suivant gives the piano to a family or organization that will only have to pay
the cost of piano transportation to the destination. The piano is FREE.

We rely on the good faith of the donors for the state of the piano, that is to say that we can not guarantee 100% the state of the piano because this program is based on the good faith of the people. We still proceed to a summary inspection of the piano before accepting it as a candidate for the Piano au Suivant program.

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Piano au Suivant Program
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