Moving a piano, organ or harpsichord:
it's a job of professionals!

Problem: Moving an object weighing several hundred kilograms, having a large volume, fragile (the slightest small shock is prohibited), sensitive to temperature and hydrometry of the air. Carrying a piano is really a business of professionals who have experience. Appropriate techniques as well as specialized tools.

The tools used are most often made by craftsmen:

– straps from shoemakers, then adaptation of special buckles and rivets.
– The trolleys must support without risk 4 or 500 kilos of load, be mounted on rolling bearings and on rubberized soft wheels to avoid damaging the floors of the places where we will have to carry pianos, to have a solid and supple coating to not to alter the piano transported.
– Several models of sleds are used to transport the pianos with tails, their sides are specially perforated to pass the straps, the angles are reinforced, the tops are carpeted. It should be noted that a sledge is an ancient means of transport, today we use specialized trolleys for grand pianos, the sledge today serves only for long distances example overseas transport.
– the trucks must have strong tie bars, nylon straps and heavy duty, a loading ramp allowing the crossing of obstacles.

Adapted means are not everything, it is necessary to study transport on departure and on arrival – each piano and each move are unique – see the delicate passages, measure, anticipate, protect.

Once the tracking is done, it is necessary to combine the flexibility and the strength of each member of the team in the same tactics. Often, teams have 10 to 20 years of common practice, the automatisms, the roles defined to each are significant assets for your piano to be transported with the maximum of guarantees.

Piano transport: a job that has changed!

The statistics speak for themselves, the air is for mobility: students, young adults looking for a first job, employees and unemployed workers. Professional mobility, decentralization, attractiveness of certain regions for climatic reasons: all these factors have given a new dimension to the moving sector.
The profession has evolved and specialized, revealing three main areas of action: the moving of private individuals, the moving of companies and the international move.
These areas require specific skills and appropriate training. Our business brings together great wealth – diversity of situations, team work, openness to varied human relations, but also offers real prospects for evolution: team leader, foreman, advisor, head of agency …
A profession upgraded and focused on know-how (management of different stages, disassembly, packaging, loading) expertise (technical knowledge of all models of pianos and transport equipment) and control of contact.

A truly job-creating activity, a job against boredom,
or a professional training is offered to you!

You and the move!

To each sector, its workspace. The strength of the moving teams is an active presence on all fronts, exchanges, an essential role at a key moment in the life of a family or a company.
It is this concern for customer service performance that has made the profession “a business in tune with the times”, which generates values in line with today’s aspirations.

A truly job-creating activity, a job against boredom,
or a professional training is offered to you!

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