Profession: Piano Mover

A profession that is endangered: piano mover. The moving companies are more and more numerous to refuse the transport of pianos. They often refer their clients to a Saint-Etienne-des-Grès company, which is in demand throughout the province.

How do you manage to get a grand piano out of a Montreal apartment? First remove the legs and pedal, slide on the side and put a belt for a crane to carry.

Three men from the company L’As du piano only move pianos. Eight a day, five days a week, everywhere in Quebec. And sometimes even professionals like them are having trouble.

The grand piano weighs between 700 and 800 pounds. And the door is not located in front of the stairs. It’s too dangerous, so you need a crane to get it down.

But it’s not going as planned. The crane is not well placed. One must be careful because the slightest false maneuver could break the balcony. The ramp also causes problems, not to mention the damage that could be caused to the instrument.

The curious are intrigued by the whole deployment. The street is completely closed to traffic.

After about thirty minutes, it is the relief. And even if the physical efforts are considerable, the workers are trained not to hurt themselves. (Melanie Bergeron)

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