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Let's save pianos from the sad fate of ecocenters ...

Program Piano to the Next

The Program Piano to his Next is set up to help reduce the number of pianos that end up each year in an Ecocentre to end its days. Piano au Suivant collects the pianos to give which are always in good condition, according to the donors, and offers them to families who are looking for a piano at a good price. Only the transport costs will be charged.

The Program Piano to his Next gives the piano back to a family or organization that will only have to pay for piano transportation to the destination. The piano is FREE. We rely on good faith donors for the state of the piano, that is to say that we can not guarantee 100% the state of the piano because, at the risk of repeating itself, this program is based on good faith people. We still proceed to a summary inspection of the piano before accepting it as a candidate for the Piano to the Next program. We are in contact with music schools throughout Quebec and we are working to expand the network in order to benefit as many families as possible and to save more pianos from the sad fate of Ecocentres. An up-to-date list of available pianos will be available soon on our website.

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Program Piano to his Next

L’AS du Piano

The only ones that transport only pianos
everywhere in Quebec.

Montreal : (514) 597-0651

Quebec : (418) 845-5449

Trois-Rivières : (819) 535-1451

Toll Free : 1-800-770-5449

Testimonies from happy families

The Piano Program to the Next

A second life for pianos that makes many families happy

Hello Mr. Lamontagne,
We would like to thank you for this precious piano which is greatly appreciated by our son.

Thanks to your organization, he was able to pursue his passion. He is passionate about this musical instrument. Louis-Philippe loves his new piano, he has performed a play for you.

Thank you very much to the owner and to L’As du piano for allowing him to pursue his passion.

This means a lot to Chase as he is now able to practice at home.
We are so happy to give this piano a second life.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

I find it admirable that you take the pianos of those who dispose of them and offer them free of charge to those who need them.

My daughters are very happy to finally be able to practice on a real piano with pedals!

Transport of a
$ 200,000 piano with a crane

A huge 9-foot grand piano arrives spectacularly
at Collège Saint-Bernard.

Transporting the piano required a great deal of logistics. The operations were orchestrated by the company Ace du Piano.

Daniel Lamontagne, cinematographer, confirms that in 40 years of career, this is his first horizontal move with a crane for such a large piano. “Everything went perfectly,” said Mr. Lamontagne.

Over the years…

L’As du Piano

Daniel Lamontagne, owner of L’AS DU PIANO, began working in piano transportation in 1977, at the age of 17, in the Montreal area. It is at this moment that he learns the techniques that make him a professional in piano transport. In addition, to specialize, he received training to work all the piano mechanics and furniture repair.

In 1986, seeing that he performed and made a winning team with his co-worker, they decided to found their own company in piano transport. At that time, Daniel and his colleague transport the pianos modestly with a simple automobile with a trailer. Following a work accident in 1988, Mr. Lamontagne injured his right hand. Several months of convalescence brings him back to his hometown, Shawinigan.

Two years later (in 1990), Daniel Lamontagne decides to found his own company: THE AS OF THE PIANO. He then undertakes the steps to obtain subsidies, but as far as this type of transportation service is concerned, no financial assistance is granted by the government. Mr. Lamontagne is therefore restricted to a personal loan to purchase the bare minimum necessary for his project. He buys a used Ford truck, moving covers and piano straps to start his business.

In 1991, Daniel Lamontagne rented the La Pianotech store, located in Cap-de-la-Madeleine: a business that sold, repaired the mechanics and remade the piano furniture. This represented for him a chance to make profitable the PIANO AS.

Among others, Mr. Daniel Lamontagne founder of the company is also passionate about his job (a specialist in piano transport) he loves pianos, it’s an instrument that has fascinated him for over 30 years, there is more 50,000 pianos brought to his credit.

• He can disassemble the pianos in pieces when he does not go into the steps and then go back up without even detuning them.

• He puts the pianos on his back to pass them in a staircase that rotates 90 °

• AS DU PIANO carried the heaviest piano in the world.
• They also offer crane service and can even get the pianos through the window if necessary.

• They carried the $ 235,000.00 BonseDorf grand piano and the heaviest piano in the world.

The only TECHNICIANS in piano transportation in Quebec
if your piano is important to you …

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