Dampp-Chaser system

Your piano probably has
a problem of humidity or drought!

All woods swell or shrink under
the influence of climatic variations ...
even your Piano!

Drawers that jam

Perhaps you have already noticed: in summer, when the air humidity is high, some drawers of your furniture jam.
The reason is that the wood absorbs moisture from the air and starts to swell.

Doors that jam

At home, too, doors that open well during the dry season begin to trap as moisture increases.

Detachment of assemblies

Glued pieces of wood peel off and become loose when the ambient air becomes drier due to a change of weather, or in the winter during the heating period. Your Piano is essentially composed of pieces of wood.

Keys that stick, stick

In the same way that doors and drawers get stuck in wet weather and take up play in dry weather,
the keys of your piano can also lock during periods of high humidity.
In dry weather, playing on your keyboard, popping noises may even appear.

Mechanical seized (slow)

You can check how accurately the keys on your piano respond to your touch.
The transposition of the movement of the keys to the hammers is done through hundreds of pieces of wood connected to each other and which constitute “mechanics”.
When the humidity of the air increases, the mechanics are infected and the keys react less sensibly to the touch.

The solution

A Dampp-Chaser® System installed in your Piano helps prevent this damage and improves its tuning. The Dampp-Chaser Climate Control System keeps the relative humidity in your piano around 48%, as recommended by major factors.
As the soundboard is kept at a constant level of humidity, swelling and shrinkage are reduced to a minimum. At 48% relative air humidity, your piano holds up better and longer.

Your piano detunes when the humidity of the surrounding air varies.
In summer, during rainy weather, humidity increases.
In winter, due to heating, the humidity drops.
It is these differences in humidity that make your piano detune.

Since 1947 the Dampp-Chaser Corporation has been involved in the development of the best technologies to protect pianos like yours against climatic variations.

Invisible from the outside, the Dampp-Chaser climate control system ensures, as soon as installed, a better hold of the tuning of your piano. The instrument sounds right, day after day.

The biggest pianos brands are unanimous on the benefits of the Dampp-Chaser System:


“The Dampp-Chaser Moisture Control System is an effective counterbalance to the climatic variations inside the piano and is therefore a guarantee of stability and longevity.”


“Your Dampp-Chaser Climate Control Systems are the best and most reliable aircraft we know.”


“The best way to maintain the value of good upright or grand pianos is to allow automatic control of the relative humidity of the air inside the instrument itself … thanks to the Dampp-Chaser Corporation System. “
– Nikolaus Schimmel


“The Dampp-Chaser climate control system contributes to the good performance of the settings
and agreements made on pianos of major brands. The own sound characteristics
to each of them are thus preserved, and the value of the instruments preserved durably. “
– Ursula Seiler


“Well mounted and well used, the Dampp-Chaser System may be beneficial to the stability of the instrument.”


If your piano is expensive, ask your tuner to install The Dampp-Chaser® System.

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